Horns for the Homeless Spring Outreach 2016

Horns for the Homeless  had the honor to serve the less fortunate of Portland, Oregon on April 24th, 2016. We could not have accomplished this without the donations and efforts behind the scenes:

Chad Stover, mayoral representative of city of Portland, attended the event, introducing and acknowledging the various organizations that work to serve the community.

Medical Teams International (MTI) brought their crew and provided emergency dental services to 15 individuals! Mary at MTI had been working with Horns over the last few months to put this together and assisted us every step of the way accommodating all our needs to make it happen.

OHSU had coincidentally chosen same day and location to provide an outpour of services from diabetic check ups, to hygiene items, to haircuts. We want to personally thank them for their collaborating efforts with Horns for the Homeless and providing us a medical team to assist with the dental services.

Constance Crawford and Aysha Strausbaugh provided haircuts to individuals, transforming the recipients’ self-confidence before our eyes. Lives were touched to depths that go much deeper than we imagined.

Cheryl Bland and Keith Parkhurst graciously opened their home and provided a team to organize 250 sack lunches that were distributed at the event in less than 2 hours.

We had outstanding entertainment from BAM bringing music to the square. Brandon Cook, Andrew Greene, Michael Killian—thank you for rocking O’Bryant park guests and reminding folks that food feeds the body but music nourishes your soul.

Jason Fellman with J-Fell presents – H4H sends a personal shout out to you for your support and getting the word out how musicians in the Portland community can take part in making a difference!

Thank you Fox 12’s news representative, Kandra Kant, for attending our event, featuring our organization on the news, and spreading the word in hopes of increasing momentum of our efforts.

To Portland City Parks & Recreation, Horns thanks you for allowing us the space to host our outreach efforts. Your support gives us the ability to provide the variety of services to the homeless.


Finally, Horns for the Homeless acknowledges all the support from the community with their generous donations and financial contributions to make this happen: REI, Whole Foods, Home Depot, The Filling Station, Franz Bread, and every bag donated from each caring individual. When faced with some roadblocks, some angels came along and provided us the means to continue on our path. Katherine and Mike Farrell- you two brought me to tears for what you have done. Dr. Katherine Farrell additionally came to the support of MTI and provided dental care. I personally can not thank you enough as you listened to my story and immediately came to the rescue. That support was the pivotal moment that helped us achieve the permit needed to host our event. THANK YOU!! Home Depot came to the aid of a last minute request of canopies that kept our volunteers dry. REI has been donating since our first event providing much needed sleeping bags, camping mats, weatherized hiking boots, and tents! THANK YOU! The Filling Station remembers our homeless pets too and gave much needed pet food. THANK YOU!

So many volunteers came out the day of the event and gave up their personal time to show others compassion. You have helped bring encouragement to so many lives. The synergy that continues among the different individuals working on this project is what keeps us in motion. From the bottom of our hearts—THANK YOU!!


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