Horns for the Homeless Spring Outreach Recap

Hair Fairies at work!

A cloudy, chilly, April morning and Horns for the Homeless (H4H) served a mission. Our hard-working volunteers assisted approximately 180 folks living on the streets. We provided camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, hiking backpacks), clothing, shoes (hiking boots are ideal for those living in extremely cold conditions), accessories all donated by either local merchants or members of the community like you!

The Hair Fairies have participated for the first time providing us 4 stylists and man do they make a difference!

Just the beam of pride alone would transition on the faces of the people receiving. A very special thank you to Madison Shiver and her crew; Alana, Tresa, Bianca for these much needed and valuable services. The Hair Fairies also provided head lice checks and product. These important issues often get neglected and not freely provided just at anytime. Thank you for this service!

Trying on some donated boots to brave the elements.

PeopleReady was on board and ready to sign individuals up for employment. Rob Wessels and Kelly Colby, thank you so much for collaborating with H4H to lead individuals to self-sufficiency. A dozen folks were signed up for work and half started employment this week! Many people think the homeless can “just go get a job,” but the two of you work with these individuals on a daily basis and know it is easier said than done. Thank you for having a heart to serve!

Rob Wessels, not only did you provide the vital resource to jobs for these folks, but you brought in your musical talent and entertained us all, even through the wind and rain! (Video to prove it!) You rock brother! The continual PR you provide for us is immeasurable. We are fortunate you have supported us in the ways you have. We graciously thank you!

Rob Wessels provided music, accompanied by H4H founder Stephanie Vlachos

Our volunteers! You know we could not make as big of an impact in the small amount of time without you! Tanya Barba, Elaine Bock, Teresa Smith, Cheryl Bland, Katharine Bland, Gabe Martin, Larry Massengale, Angie Ray, Brian Ray, Bianca Cardenas, Alana Wight, Tracy Salsbery, Dave Salsbery, Lisa Sfetku, Bianca Cancino, Ross Burdick, David David M. Smith, Tresa Tierney Andrea Warren, Anne Tillinghast, Beverly Kraushaar, Javan Morse, Nikos Morse. You came, you worked, you changed lives! Bless each and every one of you!

Honorary mention to David and Teresa Smith who were up at the late hours of the night and received message of our small generator issue – or lack of thereof. You both not only came and gave of your time from beginning to end, but when an urgent need was presented, you bailed us out! Thank you!

Cheryl Bland and her lunch mates – thank you! They were busy assembling lunches filled with donated, packaged goods. When Cheryl volunteers – just step aside. She’s got it covered. Bless you for your continued hard work. You have been there from day one and provide such invaluable service.

Cheryl is the Lunch Wrangler!

Tanya Barba- thank you for the photos documenting the event and providing us memories of cherished moments.

Special acknowledgements: First, YOU the community for sharing the word of H4H, donating funds, or providing much needed items. Happy Tails Pet Center for food for the homeless pets but also serving as a drop-off location for local folks to bring donations to. MTI for providing hygiene items. Starbucks for keeping all of us a little warmer with coffee and cocoa! Uhaul- thank you for generous donation that provided us the ability to transport goods to the event. Cedar House Printing for continual printing services for our flyers. Special businesses that wish to just give anonymously- we thank you ever so much for allowing us to be a channel.

Getting Goofy!

To my partner in crime- Kevin Rankin. The months, weeks, days, and hours in between to pull all this together just is not possible without you. Where I leave off, you pick right up. I could not be more thankful for all your help, guidance, and most importantly the continued support and encouragement to keep moving forward. You are right there behind

the scenes knowing all the hurdles and walls we have to get through to make this happen. It’s a pleasure and honor to work alongside you. You continue to inspire – Thank you.

Horns for the Homeless Volunteers

May each of you be blessed for your kindness!

185 lunches were served at the event

Horns for the Homeless Spring 2017 Outreach: April 8!

It’s time to help our friends in the community again!

Saturday, April 8 from 10am – 1pm, we’ll be providing lunches, clothing, shoes, outerwear and street living materials.  We plan to have haircut stations, job placement opportunities, and of course, live music to spread the good vibes through tunes!

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/102116550319662/

Horns for the Homeless Spring Outreach 2016

Horns for the Homeless  had the honor to serve the less fortunate of Portland, Oregon on April 24th, 2016. We could not have accomplished this without the donations and efforts behind the scenes:

Chad Stover, mayoral representative of city of Portland, attended the event, introducing and acknowledging the various organizations that work to serve the community.

Medical Teams International (MTI) brought their crew and provided emergency dental services to 15 individuals! Mary at MTI had been working with Horns over the last few months to put this together and assisted us every step of the way accommodating all our needs to make it happen.

OHSU had coincidentally chosen same day and location to provide an outpour of services from diabetic check ups, to hygiene items, to haircuts. We want to personally thank them for their collaborating efforts with Horns for the Homeless and providing us a medical team to assist with the dental services.

Constance Crawford and Aysha Strausbaugh provided haircuts to individuals, transforming the recipients’ self-confidence before our eyes. Lives were touched to depths that go much deeper than we imagined.

Cheryl Bland and Keith Parkhurst graciously opened their home and provided a team to organize 250 sack lunches that were distributed at the event in less than 2 hours.

We had outstanding entertainment from BAM bringing music to the square. Brandon Cook, Andrew Greene, Michael Killian—thank you for rocking O’Bryant park guests and reminding folks that food feeds the body but music nourishes your soul.

Jason Fellman with J-Fell presents – H4H sends a personal shout out to you for your support and getting the word out how musicians in the Portland community can take part in making a difference!

Thank you Fox 12’s news representative, Kandra Kant, for attending our event, featuring our organization on the news, and spreading the word in hopes of increasing momentum of our efforts.

To Portland City Parks & Recreation, Horns thanks you for allowing us the space to host our outreach efforts. Your support gives us the ability to provide the variety of services to the homeless.


Finally, Horns for the Homeless acknowledges all the support from the community with their generous donations and financial contributions to make this happen: REI, Whole Foods, Home Depot, The Filling Station, Franz Bread, and every bag donated from each caring individual. When faced with some roadblocks, some angels came along and provided us the means to continue on our path. Katherine and Mike Farrell- you two brought me to tears for what you have done. Dr. Katherine Farrell additionally came to the support of MTI and provided dental care. I personally can not thank you enough as you listened to my story and immediately came to the rescue. That support was the pivotal moment that helped us achieve the permit needed to host our event. THANK YOU!! Home Depot came to the aid of a last minute request of canopies that kept our volunteers dry. REI has been donating since our first event providing much needed sleeping bags, camping mats, weatherized hiking boots, and tents! THANK YOU! The Filling Station remembers our homeless pets too and gave much needed pet food. THANK YOU!

So many volunteers came out the day of the event and gave up their personal time to show others compassion. You have helped bring encouragement to so many lives. The synergy that continues among the different individuals working on this project is what keeps us in motion. From the bottom of our hearts—THANK YOU!!


We are celebrating!


Dedicated Volunteers: Troy Sergeant, Audrey Furst, John Warren, Andrea Warren, Julia Nusbaum, Keri Higginbottom, Meriwether Miller Preas, Tanya Turner, Jim Turner

EXCITING NEWS!! What started out as a seed planted by a caring thought to the less fortunate has grown into an outreach providing abundant donations by our community. In just 18 months, donations have been distributed to over 1500 recipients. With the wheels set in motion, H4H saw the potential opportunity to increase our efforts. Thus, the pursuance of a 501c3 non-profit status was mandatory. It is such an honor to announce that Horns for the Homeless has been granted the 501c3 status by the federal government. With this filing, your items and monetary donations are tax deductible. As the year 2015 comes to a close, we encourage anyone wishing to make last minute contributions to charity for tax deductions to consider Horns for the Homeless. Your donation will support our efforts to decrease the percentage of homeless residents. Thank you for being part of our success!

Horns for the Homeless: November 14, 2015 Outreach

photo by Tanya Barba

photo by Tanya Barba

On a cold November morning, volunteers headed to downtown Portland to help those who face homelessness and suffer cold temperatures. Devoting a few hours out of the day to serve the community, Horns for the Homeless volunteers distributed 350 meals, clothing, care kits, and limited outdoor gear to those in need.

H4H is able to provide these basic needs with support of local merchants with their generous product contribution. We encourage everyone in support of H4H to visit these following merchants and express our appreciation for what they do:

Medical Teams International
Cash & Carry
Franz Bakery
Five Star Guitars
Rhythm Traders

Roadrunner Sports
Happy Tails
Home Depot
Black Rock Coffee
Cedar House Printing
Jimmy John’s
Mattress Pro

H4H outreach are proud and honored for the entertainment provided by talented rock band “Throwback”. The music was the sunshine in the rain that brought joy and inspiration to all. Thanks so much to Kaleb Rankin, Jared Watson, Gabe Ramirez, and Niko Tonido. You gentlemen rock!

Throwback performs an acoustic set. Photo by Tanya Barba.

Throwback performs an acoustic set. Photo by Tanya Barba.

A heartwarming thanks to the dozens of volunteers who lent their energy to set up, organize truckloads of items and pass out sack lunches.  Best of all, volunteers shared an outpouring of kindness and compassion to the homeless. It has been often said that helping others is good for the soul. This cold November day did not leave us without drenched clothing or shivering bodies from the rain. Spending a few hours of discomfort made the intent that much more evident: volunteers had warm homes to go to, beds to sleep in, showers to clean up in, while those we serve have a different story. It is often perceived that homeless people choose their lifestyle, are involved with drugs, or are lazy and not looking for work. As we serve our community more and more, we find out this is not always the case.

“One woman I talked to couldn’t stop crying, she was so embarrassed to be in the situation she was in. Her husband had taken her from N.J. to Oregon and then he abandoned her here. We gave her some food, clothing, a blanket and toiletries. She isn’t a drug addict, she wasn’t on the street because she wanted to be, she was forced out onto the street through no fault of her own. So many people, including children, were there seeking help, some having lost a job and couldn’t pay the rent any longer.”  – Tracy Salisbury, Volunteer

photo by Tanya Barba

photo by Tanya Barba

Looking back on the day, hundreds of lunches were provided, tents, sleeping bags, camping mats found homes, and hundreds of individuals received invaluable outdoor shoes, clothing and outerwear. Volunteers left the scene having touched the lives of hundreds. To quote the late John Lennon:

“Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…”

And we will continue to do so….

Horns for the Homeless looks to Spring of 2016 as an opportunity to advance our cause and provide assistance to many more in need. Those interested in helping make a difference can learn about opportunities here: http://www.hornsforthehomeless.org/contact/

November 7th is Horns’ 4th Planned Outreach!

The date is set for November 7th for the next Horns for the Homeless outreach at O’Bryant Square in Portland, Oregon.  This year we plan on having the event from 11am – 3pm, featuring music by local rock group “Throwback“.  Please consider donating your unwanted clothing, sleeping bags, backpacks and other needed items for our brothers and sisters who have no roof over their heads.

A question that comes up often is “what is needed?” Sleeping mats are vital as it puts a layer between the body and the cold ground. Hand/feet warmers, feminine products, hats and gloves. If you need items picked up, just send an email to arrange time. And as always, THANK YOU for your support.

RSVP for the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1663077873972098/


Happy Tails Pet Center
4370 SE King Rd. Ste. 260
Milwaukie, OR 97222

Five Star Guitars
2303 NW 185th Ave
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Mattress Pro
6709 NE 63rd St Suite 102
Vancouver, WA 98661

Rhythm Traders
3904 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212


Horns for the Homeless’ 3rd Semi-Annual Outreach a Success

Horns for the Homeless hosted their 3rd semi-annual event in O’Bryant Square in downtown Portland on a gorgeous Saturday morning.  Volunteers worked hard to prepare the distribution of items donated by several local merchants including, but not limited to:

  • Home Depot
  • REI
  • Roadrunner Sports
  • Safeway
  • Medical Teams International
  • Happy Tails Pet Center
  • Cedar House Media
  • Urban Gravity

H4H’s message of “Compassion Through Music” rang true as dozens of volunteers were joined by hundreds of unfortunate street dwellers to enjoy some music by prominent singer/songwriters Rich Ray, Julia Nusbaum, Mike Diamond, Keith Parkhurst, Brian Ray, Dale Jackson and H4H Director Stephanie Vlachos. The afternoon culminated with great music from several members of the Oregon City High School Pioneers Pep Band: Rena Walters, Terri-Lee Blue, Andrew Anderson, Chris Rogers and Katie Schultz.

400 Sack Lunches Prepared by Volunteers

400 Sack Lunches Prepared by Volunteers

400 sack lunches, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, coats, men’s and women’s clothing, hundreds of pairs of shoes, hygiene and dental supplies were distributed to those in need.  Many volunteers were homeless themselves, eager to participate in the organization and distribution of the generous donations.

Several of the homeless being served spoke of being able-bodied and looking for work.  The hope for future outreach events is to provide resources for those able and interested in employment to find work, job leads, or locate other skill-building opportunities.

The 2015 Fall outreach is slated for November 7th.  Volunteers, donors or media relations are encouraged to contact hornsforthehomeless@gmail.com.


May 2nd: Horns for the Homeless returns to O’Bryant Square!

Horns for the Homeless returns to O’Bryant Square in Portland. Volunteers and donors are needed to help get clothing and supplies to those unfortunate folks on the streets.

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1559911977594511/